The scope of Chiropractic in Texas

"Chiropractic is the greatest healing profession on the face of the planet."

- Dr. John Donofrio

The Chiropractic profession is unique from traditional medical care.  The first recorded Chiropractic patient (Harvey Lillard) was actually deaf, and after a spinal adjustment his hearing was returned to him.  We now know that this happened due to the supra-segmental effects of that specific sensory stimulus applied to Harvey.  This simply means that when we adjust the spine (or apply other sensory modalities) there are positive effects in the brain and body.  

I do not treat or manage any medical condition or illness.  I simply find imbalances within the body and correct these imbalances.  When this is done properly, it is common for health concerns to improve.  

In the state of Texas, my scope of practice is limited to the diagnosis and treatment of the vertebral subluxation complex.  All that I do is geared toward this scope of practice.  By finding and eliminating imbalances within the body we are reflexively correcting the vertebral subluxation complex via many different known descending neural  pathways.