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Reading Intervention

Patricia Raines has also joined the ranks at The Austin Center for Developing Minds.  Patricia has over 22 years experience in reading intervention working with children on all levels of reading abilities.  Unfortunately our schools are losing ground on keeping children on par with reading and comprehension.  They are constantly overfilling classes and teachers cannot spend the quality time with individual children like is needed.  Because of this we are offering reading intervention programs to help your child better succeed in life.  Reading is at the core of what we all do.  This is a fundamental necessity with being a functional part of society.  We currently only have room for 10 children in this program, so act fast if you want to know more.  With schools being out for so long now, it is imperative to make sure your child is up to par or beyond going into the next school year.  This is the perfect way to make that possible.  Reach out to us at austinbraindc@gmail.com to learn more about this new program.