Neuro Intensive 

Thank you for your interest in pursuing intensive therapy with our office.  We know that you have many options when it comes to your healing journey and we are serious about your health and the quality of care that you will receive in our office.  


Our intensive care programs are designed around the proven neuroscience of neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity is the ability of your nervous system to mold and change.  This can happen either in a positive or negative way.  For example; if you’ve been dealing with a chronic health complaint this can begin to cause a negative plastic change in your neurology, and this is why it is true that the longer you have a problem the more difficult it can be to produce positive, lasting change.  It’s like our nervous system develops bad habits in order to cope with what we are dealing with; whether it’s pain, head injuries, neuropathies, depression, anxiety, fear, balance issues, dizziness, autoimmunity…you’re brain and nervous system play an intimate role in all of your health concerns.  


            In order to produce lasting, positive neuroplastic change we need to follow what neuroscience has already outlined for us in order to facilitate healing: Intensity, Frequency, and Duration.  


  •  Intensity: We need therapies that are intense enough to produce dynamic neurological change.  We offer the most innovative neurological care you can find via many different modalities and platforms.  

  • Frequency: Initially your care has to occur often enough so we can build on results and not allow days or weeks between therapies and loose ground.  Our clinical research has proven that daily care is necessary for this initially to produce the fastest results. 

  • Duration:  The timing of how long therapies should be performed is dependent on many factors.  We need to push your thresholds to find what your limits are then continue to push on those limits in order to obtain the fastest results possible.  We are highly focused on finding these thresholds for you. 


The way I like to discuss neuroplasticity is by comparing your neurology to a river.  We all know what rivers need to flow wide and strong - water!  River’s mainly receive that water from RAIN!  So, when you come in for your intensive therapy program it’s comparable to a river receiving massive amounts of rainfall.  This will flood your neuropathways with new stimulus and allow them the grow stronger and make new connections.  


Therapy does not stop at the end of your intensive program!  At the end of your program we will have a very specific and customized home care plan written for you.  Our final day will focus on teaching you how to continue to make changes at home and your healing journey will only accelerate from there.  This home care plan will be like additional rainstorms continuing after you leave so your pathways don’t dry up like a river without rain.  


We will then discuss follow up strategies that make sense for you.  Many people travel from across the globe to be treated in our intensive program.  So we offer many different ways to follow up with your care team.  Many choose to check in with phone or video calls.  Some like to come in and be seen in person.  Your care team will discuss your options and make suggestions based on your specific needs and what works for you.  


            Again, thank you for your interest and we look forward to working with you!




Our intensive programs are designed to be a completely immersive experience dedicated to your specific needs.  There is no “boxed” treatment plan; all therapies will be tailored to your needs to best facilitate your own healing journey.  You will have one - on - one time with Dr. Brandon Crawford during this time.  He will be the provider overseeing your care.  Other providers may be involved in this process as well.  Our team consists of the following: 

  • Dr. Brandon Crawford, DC:  Dr. Crawford is a well known figure in the developmental functional neurology, chiropractic & holistic healing world.  He lectures all over the globe and has developed his own innovative techniques and protocols that he himself have designed.  Dr. Crawford is perhaps most widely known for his work in the laser field (aka photobiomodulation).  He is co-founder of the company NeuroSolution.  Dr. Crawford’s ventures and projects continue to take him across the globe, but he is adamant to maintain a practice situated in the Austin area to continue to help those close to him.  
    • Kristin Hughes, OTR: 

    • Kate Karo, NTP:

    • Patricia Raines:



Services that can be expected during your visit with us can include, but may not be limited to:



Full Developmental Functional Neurology Evaluation

Primitive Reflex Integration

Laser therapy

Neurosensory Integration Therapies


Whole Body Vibration

Acoustic / Music Therapy

Vestibular Therapy

Pulsed Radiofrequency

Vagus nerve / vagal system rehab

Occupational Therapy

Reading Intervention 

Eye movement Therapy

Color Therapies

Desensitization Techniques


Conditions that we have helped in the past include but are not limited to: 


Anoxic Brain Injuries

Pediatric Brain Injuries

Adult Brain Injuries

Neurodevelopmental issues




Autoimmune Encephalitic conditions




Learning Disorders


Traumatic Brain Injuries

Post Concussion Syndromes


Various types of pain syndromes

Chronic Pain syndromes

Migraines / Headaches






And others




Our program is designed to not treat these conditions, but rather will identify neurological and metabolic deficits and imbalances that may give rise to these symptoms and complaints.  Our goal and focus is always on restoring balance and function to the nervous system.  We do not attempt to treat, cure, or manage any medical conditions.  It is always advised to speak with your medical provider before starting a new therapy or intervention.