Neuro Intensive 

Thank you for trusting us with your care, we do not take this lightly.  This page is dedicated to informing you about our intensive programs that we offer onsite in Cedar Park, TX with Dr. Brandon Crawford and associates. 

Every patient that schedules a Neuro Intensive will also receive Dr. Crawfords "Balanced" seminar at no cost.  (A $200 value) This will prepare you for the appointment by teaching you about Functional Neurology, why the brain work the way it does, and also you will learn more about Dr. Crawford. Click the button for a preview of the seminar. 




Our intensive programs are designed to be a completely immersive experience dedicated to your specific needs.  There is no “boxed” treatment plan; all therapies will be tailored to your needs to best facilitate your own healing journey.  You will have one - on - one time with Dr. Brandon Crawford during this time.  He will be the provider overseeing your care.  Other providers may be involved in this process as well.  Our team consists of the following: 

  • Dr. Brandon Crawford, DC:  Dr. Crawford is a well known figure in the functional neurology and chiropractic world.  He lectures all over the globe and has his own innovative techniques and protocols that he himself have designed.  Dr. Crawford is a board eligible functional neurologist and has completed several post graduate courses in functional neurology.  He currently helps teach a highly regarded lecture series with Dr. Robert Melillo, Dr. Kyle Daigle, and Dr. Peter Scire titled Childhood Neurodevelopment Disorders.  This lecture series focuses on the most cutting edge treatment protocols and most up to date literature regarding many different neurological issues plaguing both children and adults.  Dr. Crawford is perhaps most widely known for his work in the laser field (aka photobiomodulation).  He is co-founder of the company ShedLight.  Dr. Crawford’s ventures and projects continue to take him across the globe, but he is adamant to maintain a practice situated in the Austin area to continue to help those close to him.  
    • Kristin Hughes, OT: 

    • Kate Karo, NTP:

    • Patricia Raines:


Services that can be expected during your visit with us can include, but may not be limited to:


    • Full Developmental Functional Neurology Evaluation

    • Primitive Reflex Integration

    • Laser therapy

    • Neurosensory Integration Therapies

    • Neurosage 

    • Whole Body Vibration

    • Acoustic / Music Therapy

    • Vestibular Therapy

    • Pulsed Radiofrequency

    • Vagus nerve / vagal system rehab

    • Occupational Therapy

    • Reading Intervention 

    • Eye movement Therapy

    • Color Therapies

    • Desensitization Techniques


Conditions that we have helped in the past include but are not limited to: 


    • ADHD

    • Autism

    • Neurodevelopmental issues


    • Autoimmune Encephalitic conditions

    • OCD 

    • Tics

    • Tourette’s

    • Learning Disorders

    • Dyslexia

    • Traumatic Brain Injuries

    • Anoxic Brain Injuries

    • Post Concussion Syndromes

    • PTSD

    • Various types of pain syndromes

    • Migraines / Headaches

    • Anxiety

    • Dementia

    • Parkinson’s 

    • Lyme

    • Mold 

    • And others




Our program is designed to not treat these conditions, but rather will identify neurological and metabolic deficits and imbalances that may give rise to these symptoms and complaints.  Our goal and focus is always on restoring balance and function to the nervous system.  We do not attempt to treat, cure, or manage any medical conditions.  It is always advised to speak with your medical provider before starting a new therapy or intervention.  

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